Most Expensive Golf Experience: Collingwood

Golf is a favorite pass time shared by many enthusiasts. Many avid golfers will travel all over the world to experience different golf resorts in order to find the perfect golfing experience, regardless of the cost attached to the experience.

In Collingwood, there is one golfing resort that stands out from all the others in terms of quality and in terms of price. This resort is the Cranberry Golf Resort.

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The Cranberry Golf Resort

This golf resort located in Collingwood offers the highest caliber of golfing experiences. The golf resort holds the coveted honorable distinction of having the first tee time in the area as appointed by the Audubon Society which has awarded the course with the highly esteemed Environmental Stewardship Award. This means that the resort has one of the most astounding golf courses available.

The location of the Cranberry Golf Resort helps to add to the allure of the resort as it is nestled within viewing distance of the Blue Mountain and surrounded by the ever beautiful Georgian Bay. The resort spans over 6,750 yards of strategically placed bunkers and highly manicured lawns. It is the absolute most amazing experience for avid golfers.


The Dress Code

The Cranberry Golf Resort esteems itself as one of the most beautiful and most successful golfing resorts available. In this respect, the Cranberry Golf Resort expects the same out of its golfers. A dress code was put into practice to ensure that every golfer looks and feels respectable. The dress code is as follows:

  • The dress code is considered casual golf attire. Proper shoes are required. There is no room for high heels, flip flops, or any type of unsuitable shoe such as cleats.
  • Men may where dress pants, slacks, shorts, and collared shirts. This is a requirement.
  • Women may where no collar shirts with sleeves or they may wear sleeveless shirts with collars. Women are expected to also wear dress pants, slacks, or shorts.
  • Any form of cut off clothes, denim, or sweat pants is not allowed.

Cranberry Golf Resort Membership

There are many prestigious membership options available for avid golfers. These rates are dependent on a few qualities associated with the golf resort. Members of the resort have access to the all facilities available at the Cranberry Resort. The membership amenities include:

  • An 18 hole golf course
  • A stocked pro shop
  • Over eight tennis courts
  • Indoor swimming areas with whirlpools
  • An exclusive adult salt water swimming pool
  • A family pool
  • Fitness gym and recreation center
  • Discounts on golfing and room rates.

Cranberry Golf Resort Membership Rates

The Cranberry Gold Resort prides itself not only on its course but also on the caliber of golfers that it attracts. The resort offers many membership options for avid golfers. The below rates reflect the current 2014 executive membership rates.

  • Family Membership (This includes two adults and two children under 19 years of age): $799
  • 19-34 year old Membership: $1,779
  • 35-59 year olds Memberships: $1,999
  • 60-69 years old Memberships: $2279
  • 70 and over Memberships: $2141

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