Local Breweries in Blue Mountain and Collingwood

For those who still do not know what a brewery is there here it goes: a brewery is a place where beer is made. It is often a place where distribution and selling also happens. It is possible to have several different types of beers produced at the same place, which means breweries are the best places for beer lovers to visit. If you are located in the Blue Mountains and Collingwood then you should definitely check the below breweries out!  You will definitely fall in love with them!

The Collingwood Brewery

100% dedicated to beer production since years ago, this brewery is the right place for you to go if you love middle flavoured beer. Their top product is called Downhill pale Ale and is simply delicious. Made out of water, barley malt, hops and yeast this is the perfect drink to go with a barbecue, spicy foods and also apres-ski. You can know more details by accessing their official website. You will be impressed with the wide variety of products and services that are currently being offered by the team. http://thecollingwoodbrewery.com/

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Blue Mountain Brewery

A very traditional brewery in the region, the Blue Mountain Brewery has several different types of beer that are simply delicious and traditional. Although they like to keep tradition in mind, they are not limited to such. In fact the brewery produces their own hops and are proud of producing real American beer. With more than 20 different types of beers this great brewery is able to meet the needs of even the finest consumers. You can access their official site at http://www.bluemountainbrewery.com/ and know all of the news and details regarding the brewery and its products.

Northwind Brew House and Eatery

This great brewery has already hit the markets in Ontario, which means it can certainly impress the public. This brand of beer is slowly taking more and more space in the tight beer market in Canada and also in the United States, which means they can definitely produce high quality products. With several different types of fine beer and delicious new products every year this brewery has everything to become one of the most famous of its kind on the Blue Mountain and Collingwood region. You can know all the details by accessing their official website at http://www.northwindsbrewhouse.com/.

The bottom line

As we all know Collingwood is a beautiful small town located in the Simcoe County region in Ontario, Canada. The region is very famous for its breweries as well as the familiar sights and activities. This is the perfect place for families that would like to lead a very safe and calm life. Apart from all of the natural features that the town is able to offer, it is also able to provide residents and visitors one of the best types of beers in the whole country and North America as a whole. It is one of the right places for those who simply love beer to visit. If you got interested do not forget to drop by!

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