Best 3 Mountain Biking Destinations in Blue Mountain, Ontario

One of the most popular attractions in Blue Mountain is their hiking and bicycling trails. The area has to offer a large area of trails that range from beginner to expert in difficulties. In Ontario, bicyclist and motor vehicles are able to share the roads and bicyclist at held to the same standards that motor vehicles would be held to. Below are some of the highest rated biking destinations in Blue Mountain, Ontario.

Blue Mountain Bike Park

The Blue Mountain Bike Park is designed to cater to ever degree of difficulty known to biking. The park offers scenic country all the way up to the heart stopping race down the Escarpment’s numerous trails. The Blue Mountain Bike Park offers a fun and safe place for bicyclist. The Blue Mountain Bike Park offers the largest number of biking trails available in the general area. The park is ever expanding and the park hopes to be opening up new beginner and intermediate level trails. The Blue Mountain Bike Park offers the following:

  • Park passes
  • Life tickets
  • Biking Lessons
  • Advanced packages




Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Trails

This Park has it all. It has the scenic views, the range of difficulty, and even horseback riding. The park is managed by the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association who are dedicated to ensuring that the guests who visit their park are leaving with a sense of satisfaction. The Association currently manages over 50km worth of networked trails in the Kolapore Uplands which is located roughly southwest of Collingwood. The trails are converted to skiing trails during the winter months and are normal hiking and biking trails during the summer seasons. The Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Trails is currently celebrating over 40 years of establishment and serving the general public. All trails are shared with a variation of hikers or horseback riders so that every person entering the park can find something that they enjoy to do. Click here for further information about Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Trails

Three Stages Bike Park

The Three Stages Bike Park is a popular biking park close to Blue Mountain. This park offers over 80km of trails for a whole range of riders. Part of the biking trail includes a 700 ft. climb. The Three Stages Bike Park jokingly encourages their riders to bring their GPS because of how extensive the biking park is. The Three Stages Park offers very well maintained trails that are well defined and clear so that bikers will never have to worry about getting lost in the park. It also improves the ride because there is not as much dust that is built up from the traction in the tires. The Three Stages Bike Park offers a scenic route that many bikers have taken advantage of through epic photo opts. The absolute best quality of this park is that it is 100% free for public use.

The Kolapore Uplands Wilderness Trails is 100% free for public use due to the awesomeness of their volunteers that help maintain and keep the park assessable and beautiful.

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