Movie Theatres in Collingwood

Being in close proximity to a movie theatre has become a major factor in most peoples travel plans. Movie theatres provide entertainment for all ages that is cost friendly and always reliable. Many people will consider locations with movie theaters more highly than locations without theaters depending on the type of vacation that the person is searching for. Below we are going to look at a few of the unique movie theatre options that Collingwood, Ontario has to offer.


Galaxy Cinemas Collingwood

The Cineplex is a highly recognizable and trusted brand of movie theatres. The Galaxy provides the most up to date in theatre movies from all around the world. The company has different theatres around the world with one of these theatres being located in Collingwood, Ontario. Guests to the cinema may enjoy the following amenities:

  • The most up to date in theatre movies
  • A full concession stand for all types of movie munchies
  • Excellent viewing and auditory options
  • Excellent location
  • A brand that people know and trust

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The Gayety Theatre of Collingwood

This might surprise some people because movie theatres don’t just have to play the most up to date movies. Movie theatres can provide so much more in forms of entertainment. This historical movie theatre provides a full spectrum of entertainment for people. The theatre is a Victorian setup that offers the following entertainment:

  • Live music
  • Movie screenings
  • Theatre performances
  • Standup comedy
  • Matinees


Collingwood Theatre

The Collingwood Theatre is a small movie theatre than the Galaxy but is still able to offer the most up to date theatre movies for its guests. The Collingwood Theatre also offers cheaper ticket prices than the Galaxy and entertains a $2 Hollywood Movie Tuesday as well as $5 Bollywood movies. The Collingwood Theatre offers more variety than the traditional theatres and guests can enjoy the following amenities:

  • Reduced ticket prices
  • Special events such as $5 Bollywood Movies and $2 Hollywood Movie Tuesday
  • The theatre is in an excellent location and has been around for many years
  • The theatre is a theater that guests can trust to show outstanding quality of movies
  • The theatre brings a fun and fresh view on more traditional movie theatres.


Jackie’s Drive In Ltd

Who does not love a good drive in movie theatre? Most people adore the rustic novelty feel of being able to go to drive in movies and Jackie’s provides this for the citizens of Collingwood. Jackie’s Drive In provides drive in movie events for guests and citizens of the area and offers the best in drive in viewing. Guests will enjoy the following:

  • The range of movies is extensive from Grade A movies to old cult and Bollywood classics
  • Guests get the antique novelty feel of going to the drive in
  • Any type of seating is the right type of seating. Guests can choose to stay in their cars or bring lawn chairs to enjoy the movies.
  • The drive ins are reasonably private and offer an experience that a person can’t just get from normal theatres.

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