Top 5 Spa Encounters in Blue Mountain Ontario

Everyone needs a day of relaxation every once in a while. A spa encounter can do wonders for even the most stressed of people. Below we are going to map out some of the best spa opportunities that Blue Mountain has to offer.

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain


This is Blue Mountain’s most popular spa experience. The Scandinave Spa brings influences from all around the world and delivers the best spa experience. The spa is sited in a natural forest and is minutes from Collingwood and the Blue Mountain Resort. The spa is opened all throughout the year for all adults over the age of 19. The Scandinave Spa is in partnership with many local inns and establishments and will often offer reduced rates for guests of one of the local establishments.

Kalola Boutique and Spa


This is a popular spa destination that is established within the Blue Mountain Resort. The spa allows for guests of the resort to take some time to unwind and truly begin to enjoy their vacation time. The Kalola Boutique and Spa offers both a small boutique as well as a reinvigorating spa experience that will leave guests to the Blue Mountain Resort feeling refreshed and relaxed. The spa offers many affordable spa packages that guests can choose from and customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. For more information about Kalola Boutique and Spa, visit their website.

Essence Spa


The Essence Spa is the spa accommodation linked to the Cranberry Golf Resort that resides outside of Blue Mountain. The Essence Spa holds high regards because it is a part of a very prestigious establishment as a part of the Cranberry Golf Resort. The spa experience offers the most esteemed experience for the resort members and tries to provide the utmost in spa essentials and care. The Essence Spa is the perfect way to enjoy time while your partner golfs or when your muscles are sore from golfing 18 holes. The Essence Spa has received numerous customer satisfaction ratings. For further details, go to

Rituals Day Spa


The Rituals Day Spa is a day spa that offers more than just a spa experience it offers a training and lessons on how to approach your own person wellbeing. Guests will learn how to relax efficiently and how to treat their bodies like they are precious accommodations for the inner spirit. The Rituals Day Spa is all about approaching the spa experience in a way that will help stimulate the soul and allow the body to be treated like an esteemed temple.

Sakura Naturopathic Medical Spa


The Sakura Naturopathic Medical Spa provides full body treatments and facials that are all organic, cruelty free, and bio-degradable. The medical spa takes a natural approach to the whole spa experience and works to help a person’s health. This is an increasingly popular spa for guests of the area who have participated in skiing adventures or are avid sports participators. It has also become an increasingly popular spa alternative for people who are more environmentally conscience or who have certain life styles such as being vegan. For more details, click here.


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