How to Get from Toronto to Blue Mountain: A Detailed Guide

When looking at a map the distance between Toronto and Blue Mountain seems to be an impossibly long distance. It is a surprise to people when they discover that the real distance between these two points on the map is only 120km and the trip can be made in a vehicle in just a little over two hours.

Why Blue Mountain?

Blue Mountain is directly North West of the Toronto region. Blue Mountain is also nestled around the area of Collingwood and Thornbury in a scenic remote location. Blue Mountain has many different things to offer guests ranging from:

  • Extensive golf courses at highly prestigious golf resorts
  • Numerous inns and hotels
  • Resorts that accommodate different seasons
  • Biking and skiing trails and opportunities
  • Spa experiences
  • Rentable chalets that offer a more personal touch than traditional inns and resorts
  • Local attractions and entertainment

toronto - blue mountain

The Driving Directions

People travelling from Toronto to Blue Mountain are usually in search of some vacation or a home away from home. The drive between the two regions is simple to maneuver.

  • First you are going to want to find where ON 410 N is to your relevant location in Toronto. You are going to want to locate and drive until you have managed to merge onto ON 410 N.
  • You will then take the appropriate exits at Mayfield and you are going to want to follow Mayfield road until you encounter a Dixie Road also referred to as Peel 4 N.
  • You are going to want to turn on to the Dixie Road Peel 4 N and take the first exit at the roundabout.
  • This should direct you to Olde Base Line Road also referred to as Peel Regional Road 12
  • You are going to want to follow this road until you are able to locate Airport Road. You are going to want to merge onto this road. Airport Road is also referred to as Peel Regional Rd 7.
  • You are going to follow this Airport Road for over 50 km.
  • You will see a sign for County Road 42 and then merge onto ON 26 W. You will follow this road for a little under 15 km.
  • There will be a roundabout. Do not let the roundabout confuse you or direct you off path. You are going to want to go straight through the roundabout and continue driving on ON 26 W.
  • You will take an exit for the First Street Extension and will follow that road until you meet the signs for Mountain Road. You will carefully direct your car onto Mountain Road and follow the signs into town.

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The journey should take you a little over two hours to complete if you drive straight from Toronto to Blue Mountain.

There are also other options for travelling from Toronto to Blue Mountain. Many people will opt to take a bus. The bus provides a relatively stress free environment but it might take longer to get to your destination.

Before traveling to Blue Mountain, click here to check its weather condition.


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